Get your home knocked down and rebuilt to enjoy your favourite neighbourhood

If you love your locality immensely and would not like to move out to a better home, try another, more practical solution to your dilemma. Using high-end knockdown and rebuild services by Pillar Homes, you can get a brand new home for yourself without changing the neighbourhood you so favour.


Pillar Homes understand your emotions and help you design your new home while ensuring the value and appeal of the location. If you are fed up with small rooms, little or no storage space and old crumbling walls, you have no choice but to get the home repaired and renovated. In some cases, extensive work may be required, and here knockdown rebuild services may prove to be the best solution.

The expert professionals at Pillar Homes offer extensive options in new home designs. You can choose any of the designs as per your requirements and get the work started. You can also suggest changes that meet your expectations precisely. This service helps you continue enjoying the advantages of your age-old location while delivering you a brand new home that is more comfortable and convenient.

Your home will be upgraded keeping in mind your local lifestyle. The newly constructed home will be energy-efficient, fully-integrated, and an open and modern plan.

At Pillar Homes, we also offer our services for multi-dwelling developments. Avail our services and enjoy

  • No compromise on the quality of renovation and rebuilding;
  • An opportunity to make a choice from among several design options. This way, you can save a lot of money on design and architecture costs.
  • We also offer a lot of dual occupancy designs which will help you unlock equity on your land and make it more profitable.
  • Using our proven track-record, experience, and expertise, we can unlock the investment potential of your property through dual occupancies.

You already have your land, allow us to use our design and get a brand new home in no time. We have a wealth of information about the services we provide on our online interface. Visit us and find out more about the same as it will help you take a well-informed decision.